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To Brian Lawrence, editor of The Creston Advance newspaper:
Re: Editor’s response to recent “controversial” letters
Allowing a letter containing slander (i.e. calling all Christians child abusers) does not promote “meaningful discussion and better understanding.” The view that Christians are child-abusers is not a view “expressed within bounds appropriate to a community newspaper.”
When a minority group gets an apology and another group gets slandered, without apology, then that divides the community and the paper has become a platform for bias and prejudice and not for fair debate. You cannot apologize to one group and not to another.
In a small town with one paper only – if that paper has a bias, it’s a recipe for disaster. Slander does not bring people together but divides and encourages intolerance and hate. Slander is hate mail and should be dealt with as such.
Brian, as editor of our Creston Advance newspaper, we ask you to step up to the plate and offer the Christian community a sincere apology. We want to encourage you in this so that our newspaper will continue to be a source of enrichment to our community. Thank you for all of your contributions to the community of Creston.


Warren & Kalen Huscroft